History & Mission

Hunger In Moose Jaw is a non-profit, community based, charitable organization that has served the community of Moose Jaw since 1993. Hunger In Moose Jaw was created as a direct result of a community initiative. In the fall of 1992 a series of town hall meetings were held to address issues of hunger and poverty and how they affect specific individuals, as well as the wellness of the entire community. A broad cross section of this community is still represented on their Board of Directors.


Community Involvement

Hunger In Moose Jaw is entrusted with resources from governments, foundations and roughly 30 other businesses and organizations right in this community. The commitment from local groups indicates that what is being done is needed and relevant to the citizens of Moose Jaw. All reporting to government agencies and foundations is accurate and on time. An Annual meeting is held every June and at that tie a complete report of the programs and finances is publicly available to the community.


Mission Statement

"To support children and their families through educational and nutritional programming that nurtures their potential."


Hunger in Moose Jaw Inc. is governed by clear bylaws and policy. The Board and Staff are aware of and adhere to the policies of Hunger In Moose Jaw. A policy manual is available to the Board and Staff at all times. The governance committee reviews the bylaws and policies on a yearly basis. Generally accepted accounting principles are followed, financial records are kept on site a qualified bookkeeper process all day to day and monthly transactions, financial reports are presented to the board at every meeting, a yearly audit is performed by a certified accountant. Systems have been developed for each program to ensure that it is well organized and delivers the best possible service to its participants.


Healthy & Safe

Hunger In Moose Jaw is also entrusted with the care of some of Moose Jaw’s most vulnerable children and their families. It is self evident in the program descriptions that self-sufficiency, community involvement, and building inclusive families are major themes at Hunger In Moose Jaw. The staff and board of Hunger In Moose Jaw works at all times to provide a caring, compassionate, healthy, and safe environment for the people it serves. Programs are designed to meet the changing needs of participants. Flexibility is key and meeting crisis and challenges with grace are a vital part of Hunger In Moose Jaw’s success.